Razlog Day Center May 2023

Equipment from July 2022

Last summer, we visited Blyan Day Center. During that summer visit, we saw that they were in need of replacing some broken physiotherapy equipment. With this, we felt lead by Holy Spirit to fundraise and buy the new equipment. Many of you probably remember the blog I wrote about the equipment last time we visited. If you would like to read it again, you can do so by clicking the button below.

 There are only a few facilities like Blyan Day Center. Before places like this opened, people with different additional needs were locked away in the institutions; uncared for and neglected until the institutions started closing at the beginning of this decade. These included people with blindness, right through to people with severe autism with behavioral problems. Places like Blyan Day Center made it possible for the institutions to close, and for people with additional needs to start being recognized as people that can be part of daily society.

Blyan Day Center has many different customers coming in daily. They are of all ages and types of disabilities. Some of these disabilities are autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, learning disabilities and many more. The center provides many support services, such as art therapy, language and speech therapy, psychological support from a specialist psychologist, kinesitherapy, occupational therapy, educational training from a special teacher (pedagogue), and fun activities like outdoor games, going on field trips to the forests/parks, or train rides. These fun activities are to help teach and start to integrate the customers back into society, since the closer of the institutions.

Blyan Day Center’s goal is to achieve independence in everyday life for most of the customers. Having the new equipment has made it easier of the staff and the customers of Blyan Day Center to carry on reaching this goal.

As of yesterday (30.05.23), Blyan Day Center, now has a new treadmill and cross-trainer for their physiotherapy room. An air purifier/ dehumidifier to help with any damp or to purify the air in the physiotherapy room. As well as, a Big Shot Sizzix, this will not only be used to make art in their art therapy room, but also in their physiotherapy room. Where it will be used to help strengthen the hands of those who suffer with withered hands.

We were able to help assemble the treadmill and cross-trainer. While also sharing about Jesus and His love to a few of the staff. After the equipment was assemble, some of the staff and customers wanted to have a try of the new additions to the center.

Thank you to those who donated, the staff and customers are very happy with the new equipment!

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