~ Danny Boyukliev ~

There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24 NIV I’m so grateful for the friends we have in Radiant Encounter. Their compassion and love is such a great blessing for the Roma community as well as for every Bulgarian who gets in touch with them. Recently with the coming of many Ukrainian refugees the people of Radiant Encounter opened their hearts for meeting their needs of clothing and care and that opened a door for sharing the Gospel with these people. God has called us to make a difference and what Steve and Adonna are doing in Bulgarian is doing just that!

~Krasimira Nikolova~

For the team and user of the CHANCE Association for people with intellectual disabilities, Razlog was honoured that God brought us to Adonna and Stephen. They are always welcome as they bring positivity because of their faith in God. Their support and help is extremely important to us. The donations they make help and facilitate to improve our material base and team work. Our customers enjoy their gifts too. Heartfelt thanks for everything they do for us. God bless them and be with them in their doings. We will look forward to future cooperation. За екипа и потребителите на Сдружение ШАНС за лица с интелектуални затруднения, град Раэлог е чест, че Бог ни срещна с Адонна и Стивън. Винаги са добре дошли при нас, защото внасят позитивизъм, заради вярата си в Бога. Тяхната подкрепа и помощ са от изключително важност за нас. Даренията, които правят спомагат и улесняват за подобряване на екипа ни. Потребителите ни също се радват на техните подаръци. Сърдечни благодарности за всичко, което правят за нас. Господ да ги благославя и да бъде с тях в делата им. Ще се радваме на бъдещо сътрудничество.

~Freda Smallwood~

Having known the Jones family for many years and working along side them since they have had a ministry to Bulgaria, where they have shown the love of Christ Jesus to the poor and rejected especially the Roma Gypsies. I have just spent three weeks with them where we have delivered clothes, shoes, nappies and toiletries. (Pre-Brexit sending boxes of clothes to Bulgaria from England cost £25 each to ship, but as of July 2021 it now costs £60 a box making things more difficult) Today in Kazanluk Hannah and I were sat on wall by a café where we saw a man who was suffering pain in his neck and shoulders, I said,” Please look after my handbag.” I walked over signed may I pray for your neck/shoulders he agreed, praying in the name of Jesus, he received his healing he jumped up and shouted “how did she know?” four times causing such a stir that the waitress ran out, she was asked if she had pain she said my back, got prayed for and received her healing by this time Hannah had become my interpreter. Great fun working with this team.

~Sue Gayner~

Radiant Encounter are working in an amazing way in Bulgaria, You only need to look at thousands of photos they share to see how they continue to go out of their way to help those in great need. I first met them in Razlog and sensed they had a real heart for the lost. It takes great courage in order to fulfil the mission God has given you. Be encouraged in all you are doing for the Kingdom. Hope to see you soon!

~Stefan Boyukliev~

Thank you Radiant Encounter for your help during the past several months. Thank you for being part of our campaign during Christmas and New Year season with visiting and providing gifts for little children from the kindergarten in Tarnichini and the nursing home there. We are so blessed for your help you offer for supplying with clothing, shoes, toys and gifts for the Ukrainian refugees. Being so helpful in providing personal help and support for people with different ages and sizes, finding the gift they like most. We at Bulgarian Evangelical Church are privileged to work with you to partner in blessing people in need. Your help is greatly appreciated!

~Dimitar Banev~

So too the [Holy] Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance. Romans 8:26 AMPC

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