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Welcome to our shop, called Shop for Others! The idea is that you place an order. Your order is delivered to the Radiant Encounter Workers, who will get to work preparing your gifts. Then we at Radiant Encounter will go out and deliver your gifts to the poor. Many this year will be shown the love of Jesus and will receive practical help because of your generous gift.

This is a shop where you can make a difference in someone else’s life. Do you like giving to other people? This is one of the bests ways to bless someone! Everything you buy on this shop will be donated to those facing the hardship of poverty. We have products ranging from £2.50 all the way to £100+. Take a browse and see what you would like to order for someone today!

Food Card/Package* (Needed the Most)

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*Please Note… In this shop you are not buying for yourself and you will not receive any products. Everything you buy here will be donated to the poor that Radiant Encounter interacts with. Please keep in mind that we may have situations where we must relocate your gift to another item within the shop. For example if we are inundated with nappies, but in need of toothpaste we will redirect your gift to toothpaste.

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