Everyone has the right to have a radiant encounter with the unconditional love of God! To know their value in the Father’s eyes and to come into the fullness of their destiny.

Our Story

Nothing in the kingdom of God is a coincidence, nor was the day when God directed our steps to meet a Roma father and his son. Unbeknown to us, God was working through those few little directions and an accidental meeting with a father and his son. Radiant Encounter sprang into being through us seeing the young son and feeling the leading of the Holy Spirit to give him help. Since then, we have seen the gospel of His perfect love and value go out in practical and miraculous ways, impacting individuals, families, and communities in Bulgaria.

Take Action

Be a part of the declaration that everyone has the right to have an encounter with the unconditional love of God! That the poor, rejected, and unloved will receive the knowledge that they are valued in the Father’s eyes and will come into the fulness of their destiny.


Radiant Encounter was co-founded by Stephen & Adonna Jones in 2011. Since then, Stephen, Adonna and their daughter Hannah felt God prompting them to move to Bulgaria as Radiant Encounter’s on-ground, full-time missionaries. To receive their monthly newsletter, please filled out the contact form below.