On Monday (06.05.24) we teamed up with Hope In Bulgaria, we set out with a plan to bless the lives of those living in Nadezhda. Our starting point was to distribute nappies/diapers and sanitary products supplied because of our online store, Shop For Others. We began the day by visiting

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Nadezhda- Ladies’ Event

On Tuesday, we teamed up with Hope in Bulgaria to put on a ladies’ event for some of the women in Nadezhda. After multiple setbacks and plan changes, a generous pastor opened his church building for us to use for the event. There were ladies’ shoes and clothes laid out

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Hats & Coats For Nadezhda

This week, we temporarily partnered with the ministry Hope in Bulgaria, based in Nadezhda, Sliven. For those hearing of Nadezhda for the first time, I will give you a little more information about this village. Nadezhda is the biggest Roma community in Sliven, Bulgaria. This village has a population of

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Nadezhda- October 2023

Yesterday, we joined up with the ministry Hope in Bulgaria, who are based in Nadezhda, Sliven. We all wanted to be united in being a blessing to those living in Nadezhda, and that is just what we did, with the clothes supplied by both ministries and soup supplied by Hope

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Blyan Day Centre 2023

There are only a few facilities like Blyan Day Center. Before places like this opened, people with different additional needs were locked away in institutions, uncared for and neglected until the institutions started closing at the beginning of this decade. These included people with blindness, right through to people with

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