Blyan Day Centre-New Year Gifts

It’s New Year, and for us, 2024 has begun with visiting our long-term friends at Blyan Day Centre in Razlog, Bulgaria. Blyan Day Centre is an amazing facility for people with additional needs. Their goal is to achieve independence in everyday life for most of the customers. Last September, one […]

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Football & The Gospel

What can often brings people together? A good friendly game of football. In Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Hosanna FC Bulgaria was created as an outreach to Roma children. They use football to bring unity between the children, teach them team work, as well as reach them with the gospel. In our clothes

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Nadezhda Oct 2023

Yesterday we joined up with the ministry Hope in Bulgaria who are based in Nadezhda, Sliven. We all wanted to be untied in being a blessing to those living in Nadezhda and that is just what we did; with the clothes supplied by both ministries and soup supplied by Hope

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