What does Radiant Encounter do?

Our purpose is to show the love and value of God in practical ways, to the people around us. Especially to the poor, rejected and unloved of this world. We have done this by supplying goods such as food, clothing and school materials to larger scale projects like the provision of a water supply to a community which was without water for 20 years.

What is stewardship?

Stewardship is a Christian organization that promotes and facilitates generous giving. They support over 13,000 charity partners all over the world. Stewardship is a UK based charity, that is a safe and legitimate giving platform.

Why does Radiant Encounter use Stewardship?

We use Stewardship because it is a safe and legitimate way for our supporters and donors to give their financial gifts. While they received donations on our behalf, they also support other Christian ministries and missionaries.

Can I Gift Aid on my donation?

YES! You can Gift Aid on your donation when you give through our Stewardship giving account. It is very easy, all you have to do is click the “Yes, claim Gift Aid” box and they will do the rest.

How can I give through Radiant Encounter’s Stewardship giving account?

All of Radiant Encounter’s social platforms share a link directly to our Stewardship giving account.

Where does my donations go?

Your donations go towards showing the love and value of God to the poor, rejected and unloved of this world. The gospel of His perfect love goes out in practical ways because of your generous giving.

Why does Radiant Encounter only work in Bulgaria?

We currently only work in Bulgaria because this is where God has us. We are always open to the leading of God in any direction He wants to take us.

Who works at Radiant Encounter?

Radiant Encounter was co-founded by Stephen & Adonna Jones in 2011. Since then, Stephen, Adonna and their daughter Hannah felt God prompting them to move to Bulgaria as Radiant Encounter’s on-ground, full-time missionaries.

What does Radiant Encounter need the most?

People partnering with us with prayer and finances.

How can I help and get involved?

There are many ways to help and get involved! Consistently praying for us, doing fundraisers for Radiant Encounter, sharing our social media posts or/and consider becoming a monthly supporter.

How can I fundraiser?

You can do a bake sale, a 5k run, climb a mountain or have your own imaginative idea for a fundraiser, it’s a great occasion be creative! To set up a fundraiser for Radiant Encounter go to our Stewardship giving account and click “Fundraiser” button. Another way to fundraise is via Facebook on your birthday. You can choose Radiant Encounter Ministries as your chosen charity, it’s an amazing way to celebrate!

How can I become a monthly supporter?

You can become a monthly supporter, by going to our Stewardship giving account and signing up to “Give Monthly”.