Yesterday, with Hope in Bulgaria, we went into Nadezhda to give five grandmothers and their households a food bag. Each bag was filled with necessary items so these grandmothers will be able to have some filling meals.

We arrived at the entrance of Nadezhda and loaded up the horse and cart. Then, through the bustling Saturday streets filled with music and dancing, we went from house to house, giving out bags of food and praying for the grandmothers and their households.

When we arrived at the second house, the grandmother wasn’t home, but her household was. We decided to leave the bag with them and pray over each member who was present. While we all prayed, we could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence filling this tiny one-room house on a working dumpsite. We love that the Holy Spirit doesn’t care about physical surroundings but about hearts that long for Him.

We went on to the third house, where the grandmother and her husband live. We were able to pray with both of them, but just as we were about to leave, one of the young boys who had felt the Holy Spirit in the last house suddenly laid hands on the husband and wife and began to pray that they too would feel what he had just felt. It was so beautiful to see a young boy so passionate to see the Holy Spirit change the lives of those in his village.

On to the fourth house, this grandmother is extremely sick and malnourished from a type of hepatitis. She and her family, who live in the same Cul-De-Sac, are living among hideously dangerous conditions. While there, we asked if we could pray for her; she agreed. Then we showed her what was in her food bag and that she will have some good, filling meals.

The last house we went to was Grandmother K’s house. This grandmother is always so smiley, even though she has had an extremely tough few years. When she saw everything inside the food bag, she got tears in her eyes and gave Adonna a big hug to say thank you.