Nadezhda- Big Clothes Give Out

On Tuesday, we teamed up with Hope in Bulgaria to bless the families of Nadezhda. This time, we drove through the back way to the dump area and gave out children’s shoes and clothes packages to the families living there. In a matter of moments, the children came running excitedly to the car. Many of the children instantly opened their bags to see what they were given, then with happy smiles ran home.

In the poorest communities like Nadezhda, nappies/diapers are a luxury that most families can’t afford. So on Tuesday, we drove a huge bag full of nappies to Nadezhda. After the big clothes handout was over, Natasha (from Hope in Bulgaria) and ourselves walked around the village to those families in need and began to distribute the much-needed nappies/diapers to the mothers and babies.

Whilst on our walk around the village, we stopped at this grandmother’s house to give her some jars of food. This amazing grandmother has raised many of her grandchildren and is still taking care of a few of them. Although she hasn’t had the easiest life and has recently gone through a lot of trauma, she still greets everyone with the biggest, most radiant smile and warmest hugs.

We went back to the house of one of the staff members of Hope in Bulgaria, where a few teenage boys came to look for clothes and shoes.

Afterwards, we all went out into the village again to help Hope in Bulgaria give out soup to their sponsored children. Whilst out, a man stopped Steve and asked for prayer. Soon enough, we all ended up in his little courtyard where he wanted to tell us his testimony. This man had suffered a stroke which left him in a wheelchair. Four months ago, someone prayed for him and within two days he was healed and could stand again. After hearing his testimony, we asked him if he still suffered from any pain that he wanted healed. He told us that he was still in pain with his legs and that he still had a problem with his heart caused by the stroke. So we prayed for him again. After he was prayed for, he led us into his house to pray for his wife. She told us that she had been suffering from hideous migraines. Anna (from Hope in Bulgaria) and Adonna began to pray for her. Soon after they finished, they both witnessed a huge bump on her skull begin to shrink.

This time, we went to an area of Nadezhda that we haven’t been to before. It’s one tiny cul-de-sac, where one family lives. We took a few children’s clothes packages, and Hope in Bulgaria took soup for the children there. We then went to visit one grandmother there, who is so malnourished that we could see the defined shape of her bones. Whilst trying to find the reason why she was so painfully skinny, we found out that she is living with a type of Hepatitis (we believe type A) which is making her severely ill and in pain. Adonna and Anna both asked if they could pray for her, and she agreed. Whilst we were inside the very tiny one-room house praying, outside Steve was being told why the small cul-de-sac was flooded with what we thought was swampy mud, but turns out to be human waste due to the family’s only toilet system which is just a hole in the floor. When it rains, the family’s street is floored out with all its waste. Which of course can cause many diseases, but with one member of the family having a type of Hepatitis means the whole street (possible farther) is at serious danger of being infected. As the houses and streets are running alive with cockroaches spreading the toilet waste all over every item and highly likely the other people. As well as headlice are very really issues in communities like these biting and going from one head to the next. The grandmother needs medical attention, but she is extremely afraid of hospitals. Please pray for her complete healing.