COVID-19 Support

Sadly, due to COVID-19 we were not able to go the Bulgaria in April 2020. When the UK went into lockdown so did Bulgaria. The lockdown rules was a bit different to the English’s rules. We were told that everyone had to be home at a certain time, they could not leave their towns and no one could work in Bulgaria. Unlike in the UK, Bulgaria didn’t have furlough or government benefits. So the Roma (Gypsies) started to stuffer and needed food desperately.

Pastor Dimitar started to feed five hundred plus people, twice a day. Everyday the amount of people needing food was growing and the supplies were running out. This is when we decided that we wanted to help. The problem was that we only had enough to help for one week. As we sent out the money for one weeks worth of food. God would provide the money to cover the next week and same kept happening. A group of us in England started to pray that the food would kept multiplying . That every time they would put the ladle into the soup that it will multiply. Then at some point in lockdown that small group had a Zoom call with Pastor Dimitar. He started to sharing some testimonies and you would never guess what one of those testimonies was… the food started to multiply, it started to stretch until everyone that needed food was fed. I wish you could have seen our faces when he said that. So whilst the world was in lockdown, God definitely was not. He is so good and amazing that not even Covid could stop him providing for his children and showing his love for his kids. We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated clothes/shoes or financially and everyone who prayed for our friends out in Bulgaria. Thank you everyone who prayed that God would provided. Thank you so much!

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