Bumbling Along With Jesus

Belmekem Dam , Bulgaria

Hello everyone,

  Sorry that we haven’t written anything in a while. We’ve spent this time finding our feet and learning about the culture and our new nation. We have had the opportunity to pray for many people and see God’s love touch them in many ways. In January, we prayed for our next-door neighbor’s little girl. She’d been taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm. After we prayed with her dad, he went to the hospital to find out if her arm was broken, but because of God’s healing power wasn’t broken, but just a hurt wrist. Thank you, Jesus!! Back in May time, we were at church and Adonna was asked to pray for a lady with a bad knee. Adonna and I both prayed for her, and we asked her to check it, it was a little bit better, but not totally healed. Adonna, could still feel a grinding in her knee. So, we prayed again and by the third time of praying for her, her knee was feeling better, and the grinding had disappeared. Praise Jesus!! I don’t know why some healings don’t happen straight away, but what I do know is that my God is faithful and will always come through! I think some of our favorite things happen when we don’t try to do anything, like when we are not purposely going out to do ministry, but we are just willing for God to use us at any moment. If that means asking how someone’s doing at the grocery store, praying for someone like our next-door neighbor or God using us to encourage people around a coffee table, we don’t mind. If we’re going along with what Jesus wants, we are more than happy. We like to call it, “Bumbling along with Jesus”; everyday being willing for God to us when his wants and however he wants. Wherever you are in the world, you can do the same. Just be willing for him to use you every day, wherever he wants, if that is in your home to your family, at your workplace to your colleagues, or even at the grocery store. Just bumble with Jesus and allow him to use you! 

  We’ve been invited to visit a few different places in this time that we have been here. We went to an open-air church meeting near to Kazanluk, in the town of Maglizh. Steve was asked if would like to share anything, so he shared his testimony of God showing His love to Steve as a young man. After Steve finished sharing, the pastor asked if anyone wanted prayer to do with anything that was mentioned in Steve’s testimony to come forward for prayer. Many came forward, we got to pray with them and see God’s love touch them. We love to see God move among people like this where you can literally see the love of God on their faces. We were also invited to a church in Kazanluk, for a prayer meeting for Bulgaria and Europe. Steve had the privilege, on behalf of Radiant Encounter to lead a prayer for England, Europe and Bulgaria. Back in January, we were able to go to a home for elderly people in Kazanluk. We didn’t go in to see any of the elderly people, due to Covid-19 restrictions, but we were able to give a bag of clothing to the staff, for the home. 

  Over the pass months, we’ve been able to give out clothes and shoes on three occasions. One of these times, we were able to give out nappies/diapers, toothbrushes and toothpaste alongside the clothes and shoes. We saw how huge the need for nappies/diapers is out here. As many families cannot afford to buy them, so we have a continuous fundraiser for this, so that we can help buy packets of nappies/diapers. We can’t use re-wash able ones, as many of the poorest houses don’t have water pumped into their houses. We are very grateful for all that is donated and has been donated. Thank you!!


Sadly, we can no longer collect clothes, shoes, bedding and toothbrush for the UK at this time; customs and Brexit policies have made it super difficult to send anything out to Bulgaria. This mean that all our collection points are temporarily closed. We are very sorry about this, but please pray towards this matter, that we can find a solution to receiving clothes etc., and that Brexit policies become easier to work with. Please also continue to pray that God will show us what he wants us to do next, and give us wisdom with moving forward in it. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this quick updated!

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