Crockery for the elderly

At Christmas time, we visited this Care Home in Tarnichani. While there, we blessed them with a few Christmas gifts and a food parcel for them to enjoy over the Christmas period. It was during this visit that we asked if they were in need of anything. The director of the home told us that they needed new crockery. This was because the crockery that they had was over 50 years old, all made of metal and really in need of replacing.

We decided that we wanted to replace the old crockery with some newer, nicer, and up-to-date crockery. We brought them twelve new dinner plates, side plates, and bowls. When we took them over to the Care Home, the staff and the residents were immensely pleased and grateful. Below are a few photos of the new crockery and the residents enjoying using them. We were asked to keep the identity of the residents private, which is why the faces of the residents have been blurred out.