Meeting & Helping Baby B’s Mum

A few weeks back, we received a message from our friend (the staff member of the school) telling us that there was another mum (Baby B’s mum) who has just given birth to her second son. She has found herself in an extremely difficult situation as she became a single mum when she was just two months pregnant. Now with no husband in the house, it has left her struggling to care for her two sons.

Today went went to visit her and the newborn. We came with a bag of clothes for her seven-year-old and her newborn, along with three packets of nappies and a blanket. As well as some toys for both of the boys, plus a children’s bible and bible activates for the seven-year-old. Whilst at her house we got to give the new baby lots and lots of cuddles. We also prayed with the mum, her baby and her deaf and mute brother that lives with her.

The little note in the picture that was tied to the bag said, “Congratulations on the birth of your son! Please see these items as a practical demonstration of the love that God has for you! From REM”

When we were leaving, our friend told us that the mum is in desperate need of pram for the baby. So we have just ordered a pram, that should be arriving in the next few days. If you feel lead to help with the cost of about £60 for the pram you can do so by clicking donate below. Or if you are lead to buy this little new buddy his nappies which will be a big help to his mum, you can do so by clicking Shop for Others.

We love how a few simply items not only helps these families, but it also makes it possible for us to go to them were they are at and show the love of Jesus to them.