Helping Baby B’s Mum

Today we went back to the Baby B’s mum’s one room house, that she shares with her deaf and mute brother. This time we went with the pram, lady’s hygiene products and winter clothes for the mum.

She was so happy with her pram that she desperately needed. This time her seven-year-old son was home so we got to meet him. His mum was extremally shocked as normally he doesn’t form his words right so they began to think there was something wrong. Yet we understood quiet a lot of what he was saying as he was speaking English. The mum didn’t even know that he could speak better in English then he could in his own language. She told us that he spends a lot of time watching English cartoons on You Tube. She sat there laughing with relief at the realizations that someone could understand him.

We also got to see Baby B, but he was fast to sleep so there was no cuddles today. If you would like to help his mum with the nappies he needs, you can do so by clicking Shop for Others.