Food for a Caring Grandmother

Yesterday, after visiting the single mum and her children with her food package. The local pastor that kindly and spontaneous took time out of his day to help us told us about his sister. She has no one left to care for her, but she cares for all her grandchildren and some of the children in the village. Most days she is left struggling without food. Whenever she does have a little bit of food, she will always make sure that the children of the village are feed. Every day, she will make sure the church is safe and cared for, she it one of the caring little grandmas of the village. Her brother, the pastor, told us that he normally try helps her out as much as he can, but right now he is having to work all the hours to just get by and keep the church going. So he asked if there was a way we could help her this time with a little bit of food.

We know this pastor and knew he wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t a desperate situation. With this we felt lead not to just give her a little, but give her all the food she was in need of; which she will also share with the children. When we arrived back to her house, she didn’t know that we were coming so she was out in the other village. However, one of the grandchildren were home, so we left her food package in her house for her to come home and be surprised that she now has food. The pastor was so immensely grateful for the help for his caring sister. He stood in his sister’s house and gave thanks to God for the help.

There are SO MANY in need here and we would like to continue to give food to the hungry. If you would like to be apart of this, you can do so by clicking the button below. This button will take you to our Shop for Others store, where you can purchase a food card/package for a family, children or elderly in extreme poverty.