Food for a Family

As many will remember, last month, with the practical help of our friend. We were able to help a single mum of six children with a big bag of clothes and blankets. A month on, she has birthed her seventh child, but sadly due to poverty, she was unable to keep her newborn. She still is battling against poverty to feed her six other children, that live with her in their one tiny room house.

So yesterday, we were went with our friend, a member of staff in the local school, and her boss to the village which the mum lives. On the way to the village, we bumped into the local pastor of this village. He kindly decided to take time out of his day to show us the way and visit the family with us. We went to this family’s tiny house, with two bags of groceries and hygiene products. The children were so excited and grateful! One of the sons was so happy, that he jumped through his front door and shouted, ” THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!!” The youngest daughter just kept staring at the bags of food, as if it was the most food she had seen in her little life. One little stick of deodorant (that was about £1.00) was held by the mother, as if it was the most precious ruby. The mum didn’t want her neighbors to miss out, so although those two bags of groceries were all she had as food. She went to her closest neighbors and shared want she was given, because they are as in need as her.

Whilst we were in her house, she asked us to pray for her youngest daughter who is deaf and cannot speak. Plus one of her neighbor’s sons came in who is also deaf, so she asked us to pray for him as well. We took this opportunity to pray for the whole family and any of the neighbors in her one room house.

As I mentioned above, her neighbor’s are just as in need as her! We would love to keep helping this family, as well as start to help her neighbors. There are SO MANY in need here!! If you would like to be apart of this, you can do so by clicking the button below. This button will take you to our Shop for Others store, where you can purchase a food card/package for a family, children or elderly in extreme poverty.