Blyan Day Centre-New Year Gifts

It’s New Year, and for us, 2024 has begun with visiting our long-term friends at Blyan Day Centre in Razlog, Bulgaria. Blyan Day Centre is an amazing facility for people with additional needs. Their goal is to achieve independence in everyday life for most of the customers.

Last September, one of the customers was asking for a few comic books. With that in mind, we decided to find and gift each of them two Christian comic books called “Jesus of Galilee” and a biblical colouring book for the New Year. We are so glad that all the books immerse them in the story of Jesus and the love of God.

Over the years of our friendship with Blyan Day Centre, we have gotten to know some of the staff and customers. During this week’s visit, not only did we get to gift them these New Year gifts, but we also got to see and spend time with the beautiful people we have come to know. They were so happy to see their visitors again, and so many faces lit up when they opened their gifts.