Blyan Day Centre 2023

There are only a few facilities like Blyan Day Center. Before places like this opened, people with different additional needs were locked away in institutions, uncared for and neglected until the institutions started closing at the beginning of this decade. These included people with blindness, right through to people with […]

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Blyan Day Center 2022

We at Radiant Encounter believe that everyone has a God-given destiny and has the right to grow to the fullness of their potential. Prior to the institutions closing, many children with disabilities were placed in them. Some entered with a disability like blindness and ended up being left in a

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History-Razlog and Bansko

We have been able to do many things within the town of Razlog and Bansko. The picture above shows two worship leaders in Razlog who did not have a guitar, but with the help of Guitar Aid, we were able to give them one each. After receiving the guitar, they

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