Nadezhda-Ladies’ Event

On Tuesday, we teamed up with Hope in Bulgaria to put on a ladies’ event for some of the women in Nadezhda. After multiple setbacks and plan changes, a generous pastor opened his church building for us to use for the event. There were ladies’ shoes and clothes laid out for the women to browse through. Hope in Bulgaria had baby clothes, toys, and carriers to give to the mothers, and we had diapers/nappies and sanitary ware to give to anyone in need.

The women soon arrived at the church with their young children. The mothers were fitted with baby carriers. The women had a nice time looking through the different needed items, and many left with bundles of the much-needed supplies.

After the ladies’ event, we went to the area near the dump, where Hope in Bulgaria handed out soup to their sponsored children, and we distributed the remaining clothes and shoes to the men and women

This one little boy told us that he was collecting clothes for his mum, who is lame. He was picking up anything he could that looked like it might just be for a woman. After he finished, he had a huge bag full that he was struggling to carry home. We asked if we could help him. When we got to his home, his mum had a huge smile as her son began to show her what he got for her. He showed the cutest smile at the fact that he got to do this for his mum.

As we were leaving Nadezhda for the day, we stopped by Grandma K’s house with soup (from Hope in Bulgaria), a big bundle of clothes, and a much-needed walking stick. This Grandma has been through a lot lately. Among the bad events was a particularly severe fall, leaving her in a lot of pain and finding it hard to stand without help. When we gave her the new walking stick, she was amazed and so overjoyed.

It was so lovely to see throughout the day many of the children wearing the clothes given out during the big clothes give out last week.