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Nadezhda Oct 2023

Yesterday we joined up with the ministry Hope in Bulgaria who are based in Nadezhda, Sliven. We all wanted to be untied in being a blessing to those living in Nadezhda and that is just what we did; with the clothes supplied by both ministries and soup supplied by Hope […]

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Helping Baby B’s Mum

Today we went back to the Baby B’s mum’s one room house, that she shares with her deaf and mute brother. This time we went with the pram, lady’s hygiene products and winter clothes for the mum. She was so happy with her pram that she desperately needed. This time

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Food for a Family

So yesterday, we were went with our friend, a member of staff in the local school, and her boss to the village which the mum lives. On the way to the village, we bumped into the local pastor of this village. He kindly decided to take time out of his

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